Safe haven home

Safe Haven Transitional Home

The huge problem throughout Africa is the number of children that parents cannot always or want to take care of. Many such babies are abandoned in hospitals immediately after delivery, thrown into latrines, left by the roads or in nearby bars, hotels. They are innocent and defenseless children, unable to survive on their own. It is these children who go to our home, where they receive the necessary care and protection. Our goal is to reunite these children with their families or to find new loving parents for them, and if this is impossible, to give them as much love and warmth as possible, shelter and a warm meal at home every day. 

The project includes the following activities on the part of the Foundation:
- Renting a house where children will be accepted
- Home furnishings (cots for children and carers, office equipment, kitchen, dining room, playroom and supplies with necessary accessories for childcare, mosquito nets)
- Home maintenance, among others paying bills, employing a night watchman,
- Employment of staff (childminders, social worker, laundress, cook, etc.)
- Provision of food and children's needs (diapers, backfill, medicine)
- Provision of medical care (initial vaccination and possible treatment, HIV tests) We currently have 20-25 children under our care, but the number is constantly changing.

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