Tuition for a schoolboy

Tuition for a schoolboy

Every child in Uganda dreams of the possibility of going to school, unfortunately many of them do not get such a chance. Education in Uganda is paid, and parents often cannot afford to send their children, who are usually a lot in the family, to school. That is why we came out with the 'Tuition for schoolboy' initiative. Thanks to your help, these very hungry knowledge and experience kids will be able to receive proper education, and thus - a chance for survival and a better future.

The Agandi Foundation finds the most needy children, from slums, those who live in villages cut off from civilization, from families with many children, etc. and with your help sends them to school.
The monthly cost of sending a child to school is about PLN 130. You decide how you will help. You can pay the annual tuition fee once, you can divide the payment into semesters, into months or you can make a one-time payment, which, in combination with other children, will send another child to school.

The amount of tuition depends on the level of the school (primary school, junior high school, high school, collage), the location of the school, whether it is a full-time or boarding school.

If you are interested in this form of help, contact us, we will tell you everything in detail 🙂



Thank you very much for your interest in my project 🙂

The CZESNE FOR STUDENT project is to support a specific child by paying for school fees. At the moment, we have a group of children from really the poorest families who cannot go to this school due to lack of finances.
These children will go to state primary schools therefore the tuition fee is only about 120 PLN per semester! It is PLN 40 a month! It's not much, right?
Because these children also need to buy notebooks, pencils, shoes, etc., which also exceed the financial capabilities of their parents, we want to provide them with such a basic layette!
Once a year, the child will receive a new pair of shoes, and every semester a packet of notebooks and pencils, sharpener, eraser, etc.

We provide 3 payment options:

  1. monthly, PLN 40 every month
  2. quarterly, 120 PLN every 3 months
  3. Annual, PLN 480 once a year

As a thank you, I provide the name of the child assigned to you, a photo of him, brief information about him, a letter written by your mentee especially for you, and of course regularly updating photos and data
Can you pluck PLN 40 a month from your wallet?
PLN 40 a month is not so much, and it can really change a child's life, which I am sure will know and remember your name and how much you did for the rest of your life. It ??

If you decide to take care of one of these children, write to me!
I need: your name, address, telephone number and email address. (This data is needed so that I can contact you, send you photos and lists of your mentee)

Thank you in advance for your commitment. I know you won't let us down 

Agandi Foundation